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A comprehensive services portfolio throughout the whole project life cycle. From conception to operations management.



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Our services portfolio

Engineering projects with proven reliability during its life-cycle and throughout the entire value chain.

Types of work:

  • Conceptual engineering
  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering


  • Civil Engineering
    • Earthworks
    • Inland Roads/Access Roads
    • Hydrological Studies
    • Validation of geotechnical studies
    • Drainage
    • Shallow foundations, pile foundations, and special foundations.
    • Retaining walls
    • Building structural calculations
    • Tanks
    • Basements/Special registers
    • Metal/concrete structure calculations
    • Etc
  • Electromechanical Engineering
    • Grounding calculations
    • Atmospheric protection design
    • Insulation coordination studies
    • Instrument transformer sizing
    • HV/MV/MV/LV wiring design
    • Mounting plans
    • HV/MV busbar calculation
    • Etc
  • Protection, control and communications engineering
    • Detailed engineering
    • Engineering integration
    • Creation of point-to-point connection lists
    • Protection coordination studies
    • Etc
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Electrical studies for correct dimensioning of installations and verification of compliance with (International) Network Codes.

Types of Studies

  • Studies focused on Project Development
    • Dynamic Feasibility Studies in the Grid (depending on the Country)
    • Preliminary Feasibility Studies (depending on the Country)
    • Reactive Power Compliance
    • Sizing of Synchronous Compensators and DC Power Capacity Provided
  • Studies focused on Proper Infrastructure Sizing
    • Flow Studies
    • Short-Circuit Study
    • Reactive Power (PQ) Study
    • Harmonic Study
    • Electric Arc Flash Study
    • Transient Stability Study
    • Protection Coordination
  • Grid Connection-Oriented (Dynamic) Studies
    • Grid Code Compliance Studies
      • Power-Frequency Response
        • Overfrequency
        • Underfrequency
        • MRPF (Maximum Rate of Penetration of Frequency)
      • Reactive Power Control
        • Q Control
        • Voltage Control
        • Power Factor Control
      • Reactive Power Capacity
      • Voltage Sags
        • LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Through)
        • HVRT (High Voltage Ride Through)
      • Transient Oscillations
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Advanced consultancy services endorsed by years of professional experience and study of added-value process.

Technical and economic feasibility studies

Technical “Due Diligence”

Cost estimations

Locations evaluation & selection

Production studies

Support for customer biddings

Interconnection management

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In-house methodology and digital system for the management of high-complexity projects.


Site engineering

Construction and / or engineering supervision

Assistance to FAT tests and commissioning

Start-up assistance

Supply Chain management

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We collaborate with both public and private electrical companies, utilities, investment funds, developers, promoters and builders.

We focus our activity on adding value to our clients’ operations.

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We are qualified professionals that successfully undertake “best cost” engineering projects that rely on in-depth knowledge.

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